Bio: I'm a Native Mississippian transplanted to Oklahoma in 1998. Mother of 3 grown children, 2 boys and 1 girl and back on Nov. 30th welcomed our first grandbaby RaeLynn Dawn. I live with my bf John and we live to play video games and watch Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. Discovered the Sims series of games several years ago now. I own SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow, SimCity 2000, Sims 2 (all of it), Sims 3 (all of it), and Sims 4 along with all the eps, gps, and sps put out so far. It all started with Sims Freeplay on my Ipod. Mostly on here to follow blogs of Sims Challenges by some of the best Storywriters I've ever read. Being a bookworm by nature, that's sayin someithing! Ha~I might even try sharing some of my own gameplay here too. And now you know a little more about me and also that I just might be a little left of center. 🙂

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