Long time, no post…

Wow…I completely forgot about this site. I got onto Tumblr and Twitter…started posting in the Official forums and it just slipped my mind.

I am thinking this would be a good place to start documenting all the various challenges that I have going one in the Sims 4 and maybe even a snapshot or two from my Sims 2. I don’t really play Sims 3 anymore, load times and the laggy-ness is just too frustrating to me nowadays.

I discovered the Murkland Challenge created by Brennachan on the forums the other day. Here’s a link to that thread if you would like to check it out: POST-APOCALYPTIC MURKLAND: THE STARTER CHALLENGE

Another one is Rebuilding Worlds which I currently document on my Tumblr but may move here. My save is starting to act like it is corrupted and I may need to move my family to a new one and restarting here might just make more sense. The link to that one is here: REBUILDING WORLDS Posted by OJenn

I guess for now that is enough rambling from me and the grandbaby finally seems to have decided to take a nap so it would be a good time to try and set up a new save so I can maybe get started on that Murkland Challenge. Hmm…playing my simself, that should prove interesting, Maybe?! lol 🙂


As I sit and type this I have no less than 7 tabs opened in my browser…all with various rules for a BAC Challenge I am considering starting.

And, I gotta tell y’all…my head is swimming with the possibilities! Where do I even begin and do I do this one or go with the Apocalypse challenge I have been considering for two days? Or do I just keep right on going with my Legacy challenge?

Decisions, Decisions…hmmm!!

I’m starting to wonder if Not being able to get TS2 to run on my pc wasn’t a better state of being for me! We shall see…

Blessed Be!

P.S. With all the mods, hacks, and cc that I have dumped into my game, I am wondering if yanking my EA folder wouldn’t be the for the best, along with a fresh install of the game. 🙂

**all this while the song “I’m So Dizzy” runs round and round in my mind